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sustainability summit

Global reach + Local impact

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Virtual summit

The Ethical Assembly 2021 is a digital-first event encompassing a virtual summit and trade show.

Our virtual conferencing platform is accessible globally 24/7 throughout the entire duration of the event and provides attendees with a seamless conference experience. 

The event features multiple simultaneous stages, workshops & break out rooms, digital trade show booths, an online showroom, a global career fair, a start-up and investor area, a press lounge, and AI-powered networking and business matchmaking.

Satellite hubs

In pursuance of a true global climate action agenda, we are setting up physical, in-person satellite events worldwide with the flagship in Lisbon.

These are small-scale, regionalised events featuring keynotes, panels and workshops that are open to ticket holders.

Key sessions will be broadcasted to the global audience via our virtual summit platform. Satellite events offer a great opportunity to connect with the local ecosystem and change-makers.

Community-led events

Alongside our satellite events, we invite individuals, brands, NGOs, municipalities and communities to host their own events for inclusion in our agenda. 

These community-led events should take place in the same timeframe as the conference and be open for access to non-ticket holders as well. Host a panel, a movie screening, a repair cafe, or a 5k run for the climate; it’s up to you! A global map and calendar of events will be made available on our website.  

Global reach

The climate crisis is global in scope, and global problems require global solutions. The conversations that will get us to a more sustainable future can’t be had in the conference halls of wealthy European capitals. They need to be everywhere, and so must we. We are thrilled to bring into the spotlight and to connect with people from the remotest corners of the world. Provide a platform for them to speak up without fear, to share creative solutions and inspiring stories. 


The Covid-19 crisis is a taste of what’s to come if we don’t radically change the way we live. We need to rethink our value system and daily choices and start building ethical and resilient communities, companies and communication. Making Ethical Assembly digital-first ensures impact, regardless of what 2021 might throw at us.

Low environmental impact

Flying in for a sustainability conference? Building up a massive trade show booth for a weekend expo? The environmental impact of conferences and trade fairs is huge. Keeping our conference digital, with local, small-scale in-person events means no flying, less carbon, and ultimately practicing what we preach.

Join us wherever you are