What's happening at
The Ethical Assembly?

Panels & keynotes

We’re bringing together over 350 of the world’s foremost champions of sustainability as speakers.

From scientists to policy makers, leading social entrepreneurs, cutting edge start-ups, tireless activists and NGOs, conservation experts, conscious brands, filmmakers artists and many more.

Check back soon for the virtual summit & satellite events program, 27-31 October 2021.

Trade show

Our trade show aims to connect business professionals and individual buyers with ethical brands and green tech solutions.

Explore pioneering solutions and start-ups across a couple dozen verticals: from circular economy, to pollution and plastic, energy, water, waste management, food systems, supply chains, logistics, fashion and agriculture, to name a few. 

Discover conscious consumer brands, retailers and marketplaces spanning ethical fashion, clean beauty, home, lifestyle, food & beverages and mobility. 


We’re curating a series of top notch workshops meant to equip you with the tools, know-how and skills to become a catalyst for positive change.

There are different workshops tailored towards: enterprises, start-ups, investors, policy makers, community organisations, NGOs, creatives, households and individuals. 

Sessions are practical and cater to various interests, levels of expertise and age groups. 


We’re connecting outstanding individuals who share the same values, energy and determination to redesign our future.

Join our networking sessions and exchange with inspiring individuals from all over the world. Book 1-to-1 meetings with conscious leaders across the board and explore opportunities for collaboration. 

We’re counting on world class sustainability accelerators, an elite pool of investors, the hottest eco enterprises & consumer brands, NGOs, activists, educators and so many wonderful change-makers. And we can’t wait to meet you!

Ethical brands

Explore our favourite ethical and sustainable brands across fair fashion, beauty, home, sports, food & beverage, tech, mobility, lifestyle and more. 

All showcasing brands are thoroughly assessed and vetted by our sustainability experts. 

We look into certifications, value chain operations, wages,  traceability, raw materials used, packaging, transportation, logistics, design & circularity considerations, transparency and so forth.

Start-up pitches

Get inspired by brilliant start-ups and founders leading the shift towards a green, just and inclusive future for all. 

The most innovative teams and projects will be sharing their unique solutions through dedicated pitching sessions, networking events, virtual trade show booths, case studies and workshops.

Start-ups benefit from connecting with leading accelerators and incubator programs, investors and members of the press, as well as individual consumers and other potential partners.

Green solutions

Discover a vibrant selection of green solutions across: circular economy, sustainable materials, clean tech & energy, green manufacturing & chemicals, agriculture technology, sustainable cities, mobility, green architecture, sustainable finance, fashion manufacturing, water, food systems, air quality, restoring biodiversity, social justice, human rights… and much more!

Find strategic partners, suppliers or certification providers and augment your positive impact.