the ethical

join our Global Sustainability Summit
Spring 2022

Climate crisis

Social justice

Regenerative agriculture

Sustainable finance

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Mobility & smart cities

Ethical fashion

Biodiversity& conservation

Waste management

Equal education

Circular economy

What is your legacy?

We are faced with a climate crisis, a third of the world’s population lives in poverty and we are in the midst of the sixth mass extinction. With less than seven years left on our planet as we know it, our actions today matter more than ever before.

How can we drive systemic change and create a resilient, inclusive and bright future for all? 

The Ethical Assembly eco summit is turning the spotlight on to environmental & social stewardship, connecting incredible people and projects that challenge the status quo and have social betterment at their core. Join us for five days of inspired action and find out how we can restore and regenerate our Earth together. 


A global climate & social justice summit

The Ethical Assembly 2021 will feature keynotes, panels, a green trade show, workshops, a start-up & pitching area, a career fair, documentary screenings and an art showcase.

We are thrilled to bring together thousands of exceptional change-makers — policy makers, scientists, businesses, third sector players, investors, activists, Indigenous leaders, journalists, artists and more. 

This year’s edition is focused on intersectional & planet-centric innovation, circular solutions and regenerative practices. 

Our summit features an online conference and trade show, as well as physical, in-person satellite and community-led events in cities worldwide.

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A pioneering
trade show

The Ethical Assembly aims to reach a new frontier in green industry events. Discover the first climate positive, resource efficient and waste free international sustainability expo. 

Our eco trade show is global, resilient and inclusive, connecting sustainability champions across the board, both in the B2B and B2C space.

We are delighted to showcase and promote hundreds of exceptional climate solutions, ethical consumer brands, green start-ups and scale-ups, impactful NGOs and academic institutions from all over the world. 

Our virtual trade show provides exhibitors with robust multimedia booth features, an online showroom, AI-powered matchmaking, unparalleled interaction & on-site lead capture opportunities as well as powerful business intelligence, among others. 

Our impact pillars

1% For the Planet

Micro credits

Ending hunger

Coral restoration


Green career fair

Our green career fair bridges the gap between purpose-driven companies and outstanding professionals and students worldwide. 

Advertise a job opening or discover our exciting curation of job opportunities in the private & third sector across a wide range of topics: from global warming, to pollution, energy and clean tech, water, waste management, food systems, supply chains, logistics, fashion, agriculture and more. 

What makes us different?

Global agenda


Climate positive

Greenwashing free

Start-up & investor area

Connect with exceptional start-ups and founders leading the shift towards a green, just and inclusive future for all.

Discover accelerators, incubators and ecosystem partners from all over the world across dozens of verticals: clean tech, food, agritech, fashion, mobility, blockchain and much more.

Meet inspiring impact investors and leading VCs and secure advisory, mentorship or investment.

Investors benefit from access to exclusive content and private events.

Speaker highlights 2019

Media coverage 2019